Meet Mike

"And Iiiiiiieeeeeeiiiiiii will always love blueooOOooo" Sung in my best Whitney voice (who am I kidding, I don't have a Whitney voice!). I just can't help myself from using blue in my songs. :)

I bought Mike the trailer, from Mike the person, and he kept it in GREAT shape. He even took his shoes off when showing us the trailer and I knew that if he did that he probably took great care of it over the years. Here is a look at it before I added all the blue paint...

And here it is after...

This is what we did:

- Primed the cabinets with some Zinsser primer I already had.

- Painted the cabinets Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.

- Painted the table and sink counter with Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating.

- Added real Bamboo floors that I bought off Craigslist for $10!

- Added 1cm Quartz countertops to the long side benches.

- Sewed new white vinyl banquette covers (I took a sewing class for this project).

- Hemmed shower curtains from Target for the bunkend curtains.

- Sewed white curtains for the side windows.

Here are some pictures of us camping with Mike the trailer in Bend, Oregon...

We will hopefully get another camping trip in before we sell this tent trailer. I will keep the blue paint handy for the next project!

One last before and after...

One last before and after

I'm Lisa

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