Camper to Glamper in 7 days

I have been looking for over one year for the oldest, ugliest, cheapest tent trailer I could find. I finally found "Alvin" a 1978 Jayco tent trailer on Craigslist for $400. I was so darn excited to get it that I ended up fixing it up in 7 days! Here is what I did each day...

In the beginning...there was an ugly trailer. On day one, I CLEANED like nobody's business. I was planning on recovering all the cushions, but the foam was newer and after I threw the cushion covers in the wash they looked great. These two helped with the cleaning.

These guys helped me out




On day two, I taped and primed the cabinets. I used some primer we already had by Behr. It worked great. I even primed the countertops.

One day three, I painted all of the cabinets and countertops. I used Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue. It was paint I had bought for the front door of my house, but didn't end up using.

On day four, I bought material for the curtains at Target. I found tablecloths that I liked for the material. I also lined the drawers with a cute contact paper that I found at home.

On day five, it rained...I live in Oregon where it is bound to do that. So I used this day to buy flooring from Lowe's. I bought Style Selections peel and stick flooring. I also had to do work for my actual job. ;)

On day six, I put the flooring in. That made a huge difference. I only used a very small portion of one box. I should have enough to do another trailer or two.

On day seven, I rested and saw that it was good. Not really, that's what I should have done, but I sewed curtains and put them up. I used tension rods for the curtains by the beds and velcro on the existing tabs for the curtains on the sides. I can rest when we go camping. :)

Total cost for this project:

$400 - Trailer

$38 - Material for curtains

$50 - Flooring

$15 - Tension rods

$10 - Hooks for curtains

$77 - Title transfer

$590 = total



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