Meet Alvin

When I grow up I want to be a tent flipper, said no one ever...until me. A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to combine my love for camping with my love for making things pretty. I started researching trailers and fell in love with tent trailers. I really love how compact they are without feeling claustrophobic. I found an awesome blog,, and read EVERY SINGLE POST! It is an awesome blog all about fixing up tent trailers.

Last week I found a great deal on a 1978 Jayco tent trailer. It was only $500 and I ended up talking them down to $400. I had my baby with me and I really think it was just his cute little face that they couldn't say no to, but anyway it was a GREAT DEAL.

Meet Alvin. I named him after the former owner. I renovated him in one week because I was just that excited. There will be a blog coming soon showing the after pictures.

Meet Alvin



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